Our service


Carpet washing is done by highly modern machines of the latest generation, which automated system doses the necessary amount of shampoo and remover, and then adjust the brush level for washing according to the type and thickness of the carpet. Depending on the type of carpet, the pressure is determined as well as the softness of the brush fibers we use.

A set of 6 brushes which simultaneously carpet carpet, combined with professional chemicals, completely removes all types of impurities, basically treating even the very basis of fibers. This kind of treatment is the only one that provides basic wash with full carpet preservation


We wear different types of impurities on a daily basis, which is combined with moisture for the fibers of trails and carpets, and by hitting it extends into the ground itself. By precipitation, this impurity affects the rapid decay of carpets, and it is completely impossible to remove the traditional cherry-making method.

With the machine-shake our carpet service offers, even the tiniest particles of impurities, including sand, are removed, allowing for basic wash and significantly extending the carpet life.


Treatment is done with professional chemicals that allow for thorough cleansing and whitening by restoring their original freshness and snowy white look!


After the basic wash, the mats are dried in centrifugal machines that completely drain the water from the carpet. The process of sealing is extremely important for all types of carpets, but especially for hand-dyed, silk or Persian carpets. In addition to quality washing, drying process and drying speed, these carpets are essential for the preservation of original colors, characteristics and quality!

In the professional machines of our carpet service, every risk of spillage or mixing is eliminated! Effective, fast, quality and safe! After sealing, the rugs are additionally dried in a special chamber equipped with a hot air drying system and eliminating moisture.


After drying, we do machine-brush carpet cleaning, which essentially removes all hair and further refreshes the fibers. This service is especially important for all pet owners, because this is a unique method that achieves the complete removal of all pet hair and allows safe and comfortable use of carpets!


For professional perfume products, we give your carpets a special smell with a scented note that suits your wishes. By packing in a specially designed package it is possible to preserve the cleanliness and freshness of the carpet as well as safe transport!